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Hey, my name is anyoption meinung Dean Cortez and if you’re a fan of invita amico iq option hot Asian girls, you’re in the right place.

I’m the author of several best-selling books for men who want to become AWESOME with women, without having to be a creepy “pick up artist” or rely on cheesy pick up lines…

I’ve hooked up with honeys from every corner of the earth, but if you ask me, exotic Asian women are perhaps the sexiest of them all. I also believe they make great partners for Western men who are marriage-minded.

I’ve spent the last ten years working and traveling throughout Asia, and I’ve dated beautiful Asian women from Thailand, the Philippines, Japan, Korea, China, Indonesia, Vietnam and Cambodia.

I’ve got plenty of experience with dating Asian women in my home country, the USA. The purpose of this blog is for me to share my experiences with you, pay tribute to the stunning beauty of the world’s hottest Asian women, and to help inform you about Asian girls so that you can attract and date the beautiful Asian women you desire… binäre optionen paypal einzahlung Don’t Make These Deadly MISTAKES With Asian Girls…

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Here are some ways in which guys commonly screw things up in their quest to get a hot Asian girlfriend:

operazioni binarie regulated options è una bufala Don’t make fun of her pronunciation, not even in a playful way. Beautiful Asian women can be self-conscious about this (especially those who are working on improving their English), and she will find it rude. Also, I don’t want to state the obvious here, but don’t make fun of any of her Asian physical characteristics, such as her slanted eyes or her petite size.

She may be self-conscious about the shape of her eyes; remember what I said earlier about the #1 cosmetic surgery being “eye reshaping” to give the women a more Western look. Also, don’t joke about her small stature because Asian women don’t see themselves this way. They are proportionately sized to Asian men. They may see you as bulky and awkward because you’re so much larger than what they are used to seeing!

(Thai women have a derisive word that they use for foreigners that means “water buffalo.”) So, don’t point out these physical differences.

خيار ثنائي الروبوت الآلي More Deadly Mistakes To AVOID With Asian Women…

Don’t try to tell an Asian girl to be more independent and ignore the wishes of her parents. As a Western guy, you may find it odd how much influence her parents have other her life and the choices she makes. Pleasing her parents and maintaining their respect is of much greater importance than her “doing her own thing.”

Remember that Western society is about the individual — pursuing and achieving the goals you set for yourself. Asian society is more about the group mentality…honoring your family and earning the respect and acceptance of your friends and peers. Trying to encourage her to rebel against this system will only ruin your relationship with her. فوركس العملات الأجنبية Don’t bother trying to lecture her about being tighter with her money. If she comes from a poor family (or has greedy relatives), you might be shocked at how willing she is to give them her own hard-earned money. When a poor family has a daughter who has gone off to one of the big cities (or another country) to work, the financial demands they place on her will be endless.

Someone back in the province (the village where she grew up) will always need money for something, and the girl won’t question it. She will send them whatever money she has.

This is especially true among Filipinas, whether they live in the Philippines or abroad. I once had a Filipina girlfriend in America who was constantly “loaning” money to her Filipina friends. Sometimes up to $500. And never once was one of these loans repaid.

Their definition of “borrowing” money is not the same as ours (we actually expect to get paid back). At the same time, she had family members back in the Philippines who would regularly request money. She would dutifully send it to them, even though I thought she was squandering her paychecks and deserved to buy nice things for herself once in a while.

If you’re dating a woman in the Philippines who comes from a poor family, you can’t expect her to save any of the money you give to her. She will put the needs of her family before she thinks of buying anything for herself.

If you’re back in your own country, sending her hundreds of dollars per month for “support,” you can expect 90% of that money to get funneled to her family or anyone else who comes to her for help (which will also include her broke friends).

This is certainly the case with girls who work in the bars in Thailand and the Philippines. The more industrious Thai bargirls earn enough money to pay for their families to build houses and buy new pickup trucks and motorcycles. Yet, the girls are living on a few dollars a day and sleeping on the floor in a squalid room they share with a half-dozen other people.

You will think it’s insane, the way she immediately sends whatever money she makes back to her province, so that the men in her family can sit around all day drinking, watching TV, and playing cards.

But Thai women, who are generally Buddhist, think of this as storing up “merit” which will give them more happiness and status in their next life. And no one in the province thinks badly of them because of the way they earn their money.

On the contrary, every other family in the village with working-age daughters will be looking to send them off to work in the bars, so that they can enjoy the same standard of living as their families that are being supported by bargirls. video gratuiti sulle opzioni binarie Show some generosity. Gift-giving is a huge among beautiful Asian women, especially on birthdays and at Christmas. Never forget these special occasions. Also make it a habit to tip whenever you’re out with a girl.

Tipping is not nearly as important in Asian culture as it is the West, and many Asians do not tip at all. Regardless, you should always remember to tip your servers. Not only will they sincerely appreciate it, but the girl you are with will notice your kindness and generosity. trading di opzioni binarie classifiche in tempo reale Don’t mention that you’ve dated an Asian woman before. Asian women are really touchy about this. If you tell her you’ve dated an Asian girl before, You’ll be asked a lot of questions about your prior relationship, and no matter how you answer she’ll probably feel insecure or resentful.

Make your girl feel that she is special and unique, and never give her any reason to suspect that you’ve got a “fetish” for beautiful Asian women. cherrytrade com Don’t wear tee-shirts with Chinese or Japanese characters on them, unless you’re absolutely sure what the words mean! Sometimes these trendy “Asian-themed” shirts completely mangle the language, or the words don’t make any sense. This will make you look like an idiot to beautiful Asian women who speaks that language.

(Of course, it’s even worse if you’re sporting a tattoo that mangles her language!) come puntare su autopzionibinarie Don’t be clingy and emotionally needy. Asian men are known to be strong, stoic and in control of their emotions. Western men—especially those struggle to meet women, and then finally get a girlfriend—tend to get jealous, possessive and clingy. This is a turn-off to beautiful Asian women. Let them be the ones to cling to you, not the other way around.

tradare i binary Don’t be late. Most beautiful Asian women consider promptness to be an important part of politeness and etiquette. The exception to this rule is when dealing with girls in the Philippines.

They are forever running late. When you make plans to meet a girl at the mall at 2pm, you can expect her to start getting ready at around 2pm and meet you after 3. Having been through this frustrating routine many times, I no longer go to the meeting spot until I know they have arrived there. Of course, with Japanese women, the opposite holds true. I’ll be there right on the dot—because I know that’s when she will arrive. binäre optionen rund um die uhr Don’t confuse beautiful Asian women by sending “mixed signals.” When you promise to do something, she will expect you to make good on that promise. Do not break plans or “flake out.” One of the fastest ways to lose an Asian woman’s trust—and her interest in you—is to confuse her by going back on your word.

While you may think it’s no big deal to reschedule your plans to take her out next Friday night, to her it can be a sign that you are dishonest, untrustworthy and don’t care about her.

As for which country has the most beautiful Asian women in the world, I can’t give a definitive answer. I’ve hung out with incredibly beautiful Asian women in Thailand, the Philippines, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, and other destinations throughout Asia. This video shows some of the world’s most beautiful Asian women (including some truly incredible stunners!) Which ones are your favorite…and which country do YOU think has the most beautiful Asian women on the planet? binäre optionen anyoption Dating Japanese Women

beautiful asian women japanese

OK, so let’s say a beautiful and sexy Japanese woman caught your attention and from there you wanted to learn everything about dating Japanese women. In the hopes that your Japanese honey would reciprocate your attraction to her, you tried to make an eye contact. And when she finally looked your way, she immediately averts it. At last, you got the signal that you can approach her when she looked at you too.

Here are some things that you need to keep in mind when dating Japanese women:

mejor plataforma opciones binarias Learn To Speak Some Japanese.If you are a foreign guy and would love to have a cute Japanese woman as your girlfriend or wife, you need to exert an extra effort to get her attention.

Learning the Japanese language or even just few phrases will attract a lot of hot and single Japanese women. The communication barrier could be the biggest obstacle between you and your Japanese girl first date. Most Japanese women hardly understand and speak good English, if they do it is either poor or too difficult to comprehend.

Know where to hang out.If you are a foreigner and want to have Japanese women as your dates, you may want to hang out in bars and discos. You will see a lot of single hot Asian women particularly Japanese women in these places. Most Japanese women who hang out in bars and discos are friendly and a lot more liberated. It is very rare to see conservative Japanese women hanging out in clubs, discos and bars.

Be confident and bold.If you want to catch a Japanese woman’s attention you have to be confident and a bit bold, too. Japanese women are looking for the opposite of Japanese men because they are generally shy and reserved.

Act as confident as possible and speak loud too, and you would surely catch the attention of a cute Japanese girl. In less than 10 seconds, there will be a lot of Japanese women who are very eager to check out who is that loud guy.

Meet beautiful Asian women through online dating sites.Asian dating services are also a great venue to meet hot and sexy Japanese women. During your first date with an Asian woman, you have to do it right the first time.

Although she is not an American, it does not mean that she is stupid or ignorant. An inter-culture dating is quite challenging and very trick too. But as long as you are willing to learn about another culture other than yours then it means that dating Japanese women would be a lot easier too.

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How To Score With Sexy Korean Women

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A lot of guys like myself find Korean women super sexy, but aside from their physical attributes, there are other reasons why they prefer dating Korean women. Each Asian race and ethnicity have their own distinct characteristics, and there are several qualities that guys can find in Korean women but not in any other Asian women.

They Are Conservative and Shy Most Korean women are known to be as shy and conservative especially when it comes to showing their affection in the public. Holding hands, hugging and most of all kissing are not the common things that Korean women are comfortable doing in public. Just a heads up, if you want to have a good first date impression, do not attempt to become intimate with your Korean lady on your first date.

Submissiveness This is another quality that Western guys find very attractive in Korean women. However, not all Korean women are submissive despite the fact that they were raised in a culture that male are the dominating species. With their small built and frame, they seem to be very fragile and delicate. Nevertheless, this is not always the situation because you may be surprised on the strong personality that these women possess.

Love for their Heritage The culture and heritage is something that most Korean women are really proud of. Among the things that they take pride are their geography, education and most of all the very delicious Korean foods. To impress your Korean date, simply express how much you love eating Kimchi and she would definitely appreciate it.

Affectionate Korean women are affectionate but a lot of men doubt their ability to become intimate. This is quite untrue because they seek from their partner’s not only true affection but intimacy as well. They are not just very vocal about their sexual desires because their culture prohibits them if they do not wish to be known as sleazy women.

Dating Filipina Women

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Filipina women have captured the attention and hearts of foreign men. In fact, most Western guys opt to marry Filipina compare to other Oriental beauties. Here are some of the reasons why foreign men date Filipina women:

Positive Outlook and Commitment Filipina women possess a very positive outlook in life and their ability to withstand different struggles in life. A Filipina is also very committed to her partner and will stay with him despite the odds.

Ability to Manage Her Emotions Most Filipina women tries to understand on why and how individuals act in various situations. As much as possible she stays away from any misunderstanding or feuds most especially in public.

Pleasant and Nurturing Her positive outlook in life gives her a very pleasing and charming personality. Filipina women are also known to be good partners and mothers because their primary goal is to nurture and protect their loved ones.

Loyal and Faithful Filipina women grew up in a country where divorce is not legal, thus they give so much value to marriage. They are very loyal to the relationship and are faithful to their partners for the rest of their lives. Filipina women would not hesitate to give up her own interest even her profession to make sure that she takes care of her family.

How To Seduce Sexy Thai Girls

Thai women are considered one of the most beautiful and exotic types of Asian women. A lot of men from all parts of the globe desire to meet and date Thai ladies.

If you are among those guys who tried to date a Thai girl but could not get the chance to do so, here are some tips that men should keep in mind about Thai women:

Do not bring her on a “traditional” date. A dinner-and-a-movie date is not something that would impress Thai women. Try something unique and less conventional; in fact you do not even need to bring her in an expensive restaurant. Thai women are less expectant and they prefer a more relaxed and fun atmosphere.

Always remember that less is more. There is no need for a ton of smooth talking. Try to listen to what she says and you will get her to talk more about herself. If you show less interest on her, she throws herself off guard because you are different from challenging. Thai women love challenging men.

Don’t be “Mr. Nice Guy” ALL the time. Beautiful Asian women get turned on by a guy who has a naughty, flirty side! You can throw out some mischievous and unexpected remarks. An occasional naughty joke will keep her wondering what your intentions really are…

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