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Asian Girls Without Makeup

Donald asks… How do i become Jeffree star? So I’m being him for Halloween but the thing is that I am an Asian girl with natural black hair and it’s already damaged though I havent dyed it at all. Any advice to what i should do to get his bright pink hair..spray on, bleach+semi pernament, […]

Japanese Women Diet

Joseph asks… how many women in japanese legislature? also how many men in japanese diet Dean Cortez answers: The legislature is the diet. Whole diet members are about 690. Women are less than 60. Thomas asks… How do Chinese,Japanese,Korean, etc women have such great skin? their complexiion is great.Do they have something special in their […]


Mark asks… How can I feel confident and beautiful around other girls? So I’m a girl (saying this because I don’t want people to say something meant for a guy lol) I mean, I know that I’m not the most beautiful girl out there.. I know that there are always going to be more confident […]

Asian Girl From Skins

Mark asks… What do Asian girls or any girl think about a guy like me and would they like me and date me? I’m a 18 year old black male that has a big head who is nice, respectful, smart, kind, honest, a good person and I don’t dress like those rappers, thugs and gangsters […]

Beautiful Asian Women: MARIE DIGBY AND KC CONCEPCION 2/2

Don’t forget to comment. Watch in HD when i first saw marie digby i noticed a resemblance of her with KC Concepcion(Filipino Actor, Singer, Host, Model). i love them both, they are beautiful inside out! Enjoy watching… notice: i don’t own any of the pictures in the video and well as the music background. Video […]

Beautiful Lasers

Nancy asks… What Do You Think About The Lasers Track List? 01. Letting Go (Feat. Sarah Green) 02. Words I Never Said (Feat. Skylar Grey) 03. Till I Get There 04. I Don’t Wanna Care Right Now (Feat. MDMA) 05. Out Of My Head (Feat. Trey Songz) 06. The Show Goes On 07. Beautiful Lasers, […]

Asian Women Black Men

Robert asks… Why do black and Asian men pretend that normal women find them cute? Stop. Asian women are repulsed by them and refuse to date them or even be seen in public with Asian men and black women, they are just stuck with black men because they can’t do better, but really they both […]

Asian Girl Haircuts

Jenny asks… does anyone know what kind of haircut a oval face Asian girl should get? Ok will my friend just ask me what kind of hairstyle she should get and i don’t know… she has thick wavy hair and a little putty and she has a round face so plz help her out>_< picture […]

Beautiful Chinese Women Breast

David asks… why do guys obsess over megan fox? there’s plenty of NATURALLY beautiful hollywood stars out there, yet they obsess over megan fake fox? i don’t understand. here’s all the surgeries i’m pretty sure she has had: -nose job -lip collagen -breast implants -butt implants and she wears freakish amounts of makeup and she’s […]

Beautiful Losers

Lizzie asks… Why can’t people accept the fact that some people are born to be losers? There’s people with mental/physical disabilities, are ugly, no talent, stupid, rejected, misunderstood, abused. People are born into these circumstances and these things what makes people losers at life. Dean Cortez answers: “Ugly” people can be turned into “beautiful” people. […]


Michael asks… What was considered to be beautiful in early 19th century England women? I’m interested to know if there were other features that were considered beautiful compared to today. For example, these days it is (not accounting for differences in taste) popularly considered beautiful to have long (possibly blond) hair, large breasts, a tan, […]

Beautiful Losers

Thomas asks… My girlfriends left breast is quite a bit larger than the right one. It really bothers me, what should i do? I don’t want to break up with her for sure, but sometimes people make fun of her behind her back and i just can’t be with someone like that. i have standards. […]

Beautiful Chinese Women Breast

John asks… What features do you find Beautiful in an east Asian woman? east asian as in chinese, Japanese, Korean..etc I just can’t see it, i see it in all other women but them, they have no butt, breast or anything…i mean unless you can show me some with those assets and prove me wrong […]

Hot Women Of Walmart

Joseph asks… Do hot women use there bodies to get out of situations? For example, can a women shopping at walmart show the clerk her breasts to get free stuff? Clerk: that will be 12.99, m’ham. Women: Would… THIS COVER IT? *shows breast* Clerk: Woah… T.. That would do m’ham. Women: thanks lol Dean Cortez […]

Asian Women Stereotypes

Charles asks… Asian lady give up your vows? Id like to know if the racial stereotype about Asian women feeling different is true. I think they genuinely do feel different but I only have one basis for comparison. It’s not an old sailors story, they really do, the angle of entry is slightly different. What […]

Women Sales Professionals

Susan asks… Is is easy to get a job in professional sales in New York? I want to move there in August. What is the job market like there for sales women? what about serving//bartending. I have experience in both and education in marketing and sales. Dean Cortez answers: If you are a good salesperson/marketer, […]