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Asian Girl Makeup

Lisa asks… How to cure jealosy over girls much prettier than me? That’s my cup of self esteem when I see girls that are naturally drop dead gorgeus and pretty. Like Jessica Serfaty and Ariana Grande.. And those pictures that pop up on the popular page on instagram, they all have oval faces, and this […]

Asian Girl From Grown Ups

Mark asks… How do you grow your breasts naturally? is there any exercise or method i can use to grow my breasts naturally. i’m 17 and asian. i heard that asian girls meant to have small breasts, but my mum and her side have big ones lol . the girls in my year have bg […]


Chris asks… What is the most beautiful final fantasy song to play? What do you think is the most beautiful final fantasy song to play on a piano? Dean Cortez answers: The ending song for FF 9. I actually can’t remember the title. Lol, but I like it. George asks… How come Indian girls look […]

Beautiful Chinese Women History

Richard asks… What do you think of my essay? When I am an adult ( I’ll never grow up so I shall say when I’m an adult) I intend to be a happily married lesbian housewife (or wife of David Bowie) who not only writes novels, performs in community theater shows, teaches Queer literature and […]

Beautiful Korean Women Marriage

James asks… NOW my ex-wife wears thongs.? Hi, I’m 34 and my ex-wife is 41. My ex-wife is Korean. We have been separated for 4 years and divorced for 1 year. We get along pretty well. We have a daughter, so I have to see my ex-wife often. I’m still attracted to her but I […]

Asian Ladies Suits

Richard asks… (For bald men and ladies) What do you think about about my bald look? hello.. im 24 y/o asian man and my hairline is receding and thinning at the front and on top so i decided to shave it all off 2 days ago and i don’t know if it suits me or […]

Beautiful Lasers

Linda asks… What have you done to help minimize stretchmarks? I just had a baby and gained an uncontrollable amount of weight (thyroid problem) and now my once perfect body has them everywhere. :'( I have them really deep on my hips and stomach, medium intensity on my thighs and back of my knees, and […]

Your Questions About Asians In The Library

Steven asks… why do asian girls think i have long eyelashes? I was at school the other day sitting in the library and this asian girl sat next to me. She said she was from korea and she had just moved here and then i was doing my homework but i knew she was staring […]

Your Questions About Beautiful Quotes

James asks… Where to get beautiful lines and quotes about praising the beauty of a beautiful girls? today i wanna read beautiful lines. plz anyone tell me where i can find such beautiful lines on the internet about beauty of a woman. if there is any mobile application which has sayings and quotes,tell me where […]

Women Of The Night Japanese Film

David asks… Can someone tell me the basic plot of the film ‘The Grudge’? I’m going too one of my friends houses on halloween and were going to watch horror movies all night so I brought the grudge and fright night. I want a quick summary of the grudge just so I know what its […]

Asian Girls Without Makeup

Donald asks… How do i become Jeffree star? So I’m being him for Halloween but the thing is that I am an Asian girl with natural black hair and it’s already damaged though I havent dyed it at all. Any advice to what i should do to get his bright pink hair..spray on, bleach+semi pernament, […]

Japanese Women Diet

Joseph asks… how many women in japanese legislature? also how many men in japanese diet Dean Cortez answers: The legislature is the diet. Whole diet members are about 690. Women are less than 60. Thomas asks… How do Chinese,Japanese,Korean, etc women have such great skin? their complexiion is great.Do they have something special in their […]


Mark asks… How can I feel confident and beautiful around other girls? So I’m a girl (saying this because I don’t want people to say something meant for a guy lol) I mean, I know that I’m not the most beautiful girl out there.. I know that there are always going to be more confident […]

Asian Girl From Skins

Mark asks… What do Asian girls or any girl think about a guy like me and would they like me and date me? I’m a 18 year old black male that has a big head who is nice, respectful, smart, kind, honest, a good person and I don’t dress like those rappers, thugs and gangsters […]

Beautiful Asian Women: MARIE DIGBY AND KC CONCEPCION 2/2

Don’t forget to comment. Watch in HD when i first saw marie digby i noticed a resemblance of her with KC Concepcion(Filipino Actor, Singer, Host, Model). i love them both, they are beautiful inside out! Enjoy watching… notice: i don’t own any of the pictures in the video and well as the music background. Video […]

Beautiful Lasers

Nancy asks… What Do You Think About The Lasers Track List? 01. Letting Go (Feat. Sarah Green) 02. Words I Never Said (Feat. Skylar Grey) 03. Till I Get There 04. I Don’t Wanna Care Right Now (Feat. MDMA) 05. Out Of My Head (Feat. Trey Songz) 06. The Show Goes On 07. Beautiful Lasers, […]