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Asian Women Seeking American Men

David asks… Is it possible for an asian man to get with a brazilian woman? I am currently a student at UCLA and I have lived in the L.A. area my whole life. The majority make-up of students in UCLA are either white/asian. I am not interested in girls at my school in anyway at […]

Chinese Girl Scouts

George asks… What are some traditions celebrated in Hong Kong? so im in girl scouts yeah i know im a teenager still in girl scouts but hey gives me something to do. it also gets me out of the house when im grounded. so yeah!!! but we have to do this poster thing on Hong […]

Hot Chinese

Daniel asks… Who are hotter, Italians or Chinese? Does anyone think Chinese men are hotter than Italian men? I do. Maybe they’re not as physically attractive, but they’re a lot less sketchy, and that is def. HOT. Dean Cortez answers: It gets pretty cold in China. The Italians make red Ferraris. The Chinese have artwork […]

Seduce And Destroy

Helen asks… I need help with a topic for the Epic of Gilgamesh and the Bible? Joseph and Gilgamesh came from the same place. Take Potiphar wife with the women of Gilgamesh Do you see connections between how women were represented in these texts? Do you see connections with the treatment of women today?. Use […]

Asian Woman With Horns

Sandy asks… Asian and African cultures believing in magical cures? In many areas of our world, eating shark fin and powdered black rhino horn are believed to do the following: 1) Cure numerous diseases 2) Make men more virile and potent 3) Make women more fertile 4) Extend life 5) Make you smarter But science […]

Asian Girls Without Makeup

Lisa asks… I’m scared that I’m wear too much makeup?!? Ok well I’m a 17 year old Asian girl..don’t know if the Asian part does anything for you but I figured since we have dark feautres this justifies us wearing black dark colors for the eyes..but anyways..I started wearing face makeup this summer and I’m […]


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