Where to Find an Asian Brides and Women for Dating

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Asian Brides

You can meet many men who say that they don’t like the appearance of Asian girls. But, in this case, who makes the statistics on porn video sites, where “Asian teens” is far most exceeding search request by popularity? Asian women are sought for because of their petite bodies, narrower eyes, long black hair, charming smiles… In this article, we are making the review of Asian women not only by their looks (but we include this issue as well) but by their general traits. 

Introduction to Asian dating

A Westerner may want to marry an Asian woman for numerous reasons:

  • The lack of satisfaction in local women
  • Rumors (often truthful) about humbleness and submissiveness of Asian women
  • Petite look of Asian women
  • No need to live with a hysterical Western woman, who wants to overtake a man not with her merits or work achievements but with demands, scandals, threats, and ultimatums
  • Asians are very workable and they are tremendous cooks.

The only thing left to do is to register on one of the Asian dating services online and choose which you prefer: a free or paid one. Is there a difference? Yes. On paid ones, you will meet more focused persons, who came here with a certain goal or several goals: find love, romance, marriage, or life partner/good friend. On free ones, there is much more catfishing, empty profiles, and unserious people behind them, as well as a fair share of bots, which only pursue commercial and spam goals. But judging by the cost, reliability, and safety of both, it is your eventual decision, where to search for your happiness.

Asian Brides

Who are Asian date brides?

According to the statistics, one can meet Asian singles of such nationalities:

  • Philippines: 70%
  • Indonesian: 16%
  • Thai: 8%
  • Japanese and Malay: 2%
  • South Korean and Chinese: 1%
  • Others: 3%.

The age picture is as follows:

  • 16-20 years old: 20%
  • 21-25 y.o.: 41%
  • 26-30 y.o.: 24%
  • 31-35 y.o.: 11%
  • 35+: 4%.

Marriage with an average Asian bride online is two times more lasting and durable. Only 20% of such international marriages end with divorce. The regular North American rate of divorces in couples where both are Americans/Canadians is 40%. The given statistics embrace 5 first years of marriages.

As for the numbers of yearly international marriages in the US, there are 4,000 of them. Another 6,000 are concluded in the following countries altogether: Australia, Canada, countries of Western Europe (which are Austria, Belgium, Andorra, Denmark, Liechtenstein, Portugal, Spain, the Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Switzerland, Norway, Italy, and the UK). Some classifications of ‘Western Europe’ include to the list also Greece, Malta, San Marino & Iceland. 

Why do Asian singles become mail order brides?

Let’s consider the most important reasons why Asian women go to legitimate Asian dating sites.

  • Literacy issue. Many Asian women seek to improve their living conditions since they largely don’t have wide access to nice education – it was historically so and the improvements are rather slow-moving. Today, in the world, the total male literacy is 90%, whilst female literacy is 83%, making the 7% gap. The situation is even worse in Asia, where the general literacy of both genders combined makes just 70%. The situation improves through decades but not very fast. The indicator for both genders in the world in general in 1976 was 67%, growing through 74% in 1990, 81% in 2004, and landing onto 86% in 2019. In the richest parts of Asia, the situation is much better, reaching 99%+ in such countries as Singapore, China, Indonesia, and even Thailand, which was very long below this level. Yet, in the poorest countries, such as India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, or Mongolia (and about 10 other countries), females are slightly above 50% literate, which is a very poor level. Thus, many of them want to escape and with their own powers or assistance of more literate people register on marriage websites in the hope to find a good husband from abroad for sturdy and beneficial relationships. 
  • Little respect from local men. Although men generally overwhelm women in quantity in modern Asia (individual countries may show other statistics), there are not too many gentlemen amongst them. They consider women as inferior creatures. In India, for instance, a woman in most casts is considered even lower than cattle by value and position, so mass female rapes and murders are not infrequent. The same and even worse is for less developed countries: Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Mongolia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Laos, Kyrgyzstan, Cambodia, Syria, Bangladesh, Nepal, Tajikistan, North Korea, Azerbaijan, and Palestine. In many named countries, Asian women don’t even have access to the Internet since they don’t have computers, phones, or even the Internet itself. A large share of the local population in the named countries lives below the poverty level and in distant regions, so they hardly have any access to electronic gadgets. These poor females are unlikely to ever break the vicious circle of their lives and the lives of their children. Those more educated and lucky, however, register online on marriage websites and leave their countries for good with the first best opportunity. 
  • Divorce rate. As secular education improves every year, religion starts playing a lower role in people’s lives, so they become more prone to divorces, year by year. So if some Asian wife divorces or her husband dies, she might not want to marry any local guy again, whatever her reasoning is. If such an Asian woman is educated enough to start searching online then she goes for it.
  • The desire to see the world. Many young females (especially those educated) have opened the big world thanks to education and now want to see it with their own eyes. Marriage seems for many the only feasible opportunity since they don’t have enough money to implement their strivings.
Asian mail order brides

What is the best country for Asian mail order brides?

What’s the best country in Asia to look for Asian women there? That is a very complicated question. Asia consists of 50 countries. Each of them is unique, has its own traditions, cuisine, religious aspects, economy, GDP per capita, government, history, prohibitions, allowances, literacy, languages spoken, and genetics. It is quite possible that in one country, most women will have swarthy skin, will be short and stout, will have bad teeth, and from brown to gray eyes. In another country, they will be looking more like elves: tall and slim, green or blue eyes, very white skin and teeth, and will have from golden to ash blond color of hair. Although, most Asians have black hair and from dark to whitish-yellow skin, so if you’re looking for pale faces and golden locks, then you’d better look at the Scandinavian region, not the Asian. 

Although there are many regional differences in each country on the list, especially hugely spanning throughout the vast territories of large Asian counties, there are general common traits of Asian brides. So, how to meet Asian girls from various regions based on qualities you might be looking for:

  • Great cuisine. Russia, Iran, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines, Azerbaijan, the UAE, Georgia, Israel, Cyprus, the Maldives. 
  • High level of education and intelligence. Honk Kong, Macau, Turkey, Japan, Malaysia, Oman, South Korea, the UAE, Georgia, Taiwan, Israel, Qatar, Cyprus, Bahrain, Singapore.  
  • Natural beauty or the striving to have artificially enhanced one because of the beauty canons in the local society. Russia, China, India, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Turkey, Afghanistan, Yemen, Turkmenistan, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Cambodia, Tajikistan, South Korea, Jordan, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Taiwan, Armenia, Cyprus, Timor-Leste, Singapore, and the Maldives.
  • Deep and interesting culture. China, India, Iran, Mongolia, Indonesia, Turkey, Thailand, Malaysia, Nepal, South Korea, Georgia, Armenia, Israel, Lebanon, Cyprus, and Bahrain. 
  • Submissiveness. India, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Pakistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, the Philippines, Syria, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Jordan, Azerbaijan, Kuwait, Qatar, and Palestine.
  • Exotic appearance to boast with it in front of your friends. The Maldives, India, Indonesia, Afghanistan, Thailand, Japan, the Philippines, Kyrgyzstan, North Korea, and Timor-Leste.

We haven’t named some countries that are attributed to Asian ones – but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t seek a future wife there. Also, we didn’t want to offend any country by not naming it.  

Asian mail order bride

What can you expect from an Asian mail order bride?

Here are the main qualities why Westerners consider Asian brides a good wife material. 

  • Beauty. Most Asian brides differ from Westerners, particularly, North Americans. Genetically, they have small bodies and almond-shaped/oval-shaped heads & faces. Their noses are small, eyes are thin, the skin is from pale yellowish to dark yellow. Most modern Asian brides bleach their skin using various cosmetic remedies, as it is considered very beautiful to have white skin (they want to look similar to white people). When someone’s having white skin in Asia, he or she can be attributed to an upper class (as their skin does not receive suntan because of a high social position of a person, who only works inside the premises, not outside).
  • The ability and desire to cook. It’s not a secret that only a few Asian countries are wealthy. The rest is poor and so every man and woman has to know how to cook – to provide self for living. Whereas there are 50 Asian countries on the globe, there will be at least 50 national cuisines, which are also supplemented by many regional variances. Do you imagine the vastness of geography, which you can potentially explore cuisine-style? We’re not saying you have to marry 50 times, to 1 girl from every Asian country to taste everything, but it’s simply a huge opportunity as is. The number of dishes in Asia is over ten thousand, to say the least.
  • Submissiveness. Although this quality is much less inherent to modern ladies who have an opportunity to marry a foreigner and it widely varies across countries, cultures, and regions, if to generalize, then an average girl from the East is much more submissive to a husband than a girl from the West. This means, she puts words and opinions of her husband over hers and that a man decides on the general course of living of a family. However, no matter where you turn, an Asian bride will support you life-long. Or, at least, until you both divorce.  

What makes Asian women for marriage so attractive?

Generally, the answer to this question is that they are great wife material. Trying to explain it, we’d highlight such qualities:

  • An Asian bride wants to marry a nice guy and give him the support, love, care, and affection he needs in exchange for material and mental support of her life.
  • If the couple wants children, she will pay attention to their upbringing more whilst he will be at work to earn money.
  • She gives him a fair share of freedom – house chores have to be handled by her, whilst he has to have more free time to have decent rest after or before work. That includes meeting with friends. When an international couple goes someplace together to have fun and pastime, she has to be prepared for that. Also, she has to be reasonably friendly to people around so a man wants to take her anywhere (and wouldn’t be ashamed of her looks, intelligence, or behavior). 
  • She is very feminine (not feminist) and charms a husband with her great appearance, as she takes care of her looks every day.
  • An Asian bride has lots of control over emotions. They’re naturally humble. Even if a couple has fights, it is she who chills first.
  • She isn’t thirsty for the attention of other people. So a man may stay unworried about the fact that his woman will take the entire attention of the group, especially if it is a group of fellows or colleagues of a man. 
  • She does not provide a mental challenge about who’s on top in their family and in general. She understands that a man always plays a lead part. However, she has her own life, so she can take the steps and decisions required in regular life situations. 
  • She is loyal and does not seek marriage only because of the visa. 

Are Asian girls dating legit?

Asian girls dating

There are a few people left in modern days who consider that it is possible to “buy” a bride. The notion of mail-order brides lives along with humanity but it still has its historical name unchanged, where people were lettering with one another because they did not have Internet or phones. Beginning with the 1600s, in the US, those men and women desiring to become acquainted with someone and relocate for a living in a new place (mostly, to one of new towns and villages that the citizens of those times built to embrace a large US territory) gave notice about it in local newspapers using letters. Those who responded to such advertising used letters as well to become more acquainted with this person. Eventually, people (mostly, women) relocated to a new place with all their belongings and settled there to live a new life (often, filled with hardships of everyday living in a pretty hostile environment).

With the advent of the Internet, things have dramatically changed. But the name of a notion did not. Now people are looking for better conditions of living, new social interactions, and new impressions, not just new places. And it’s definitely now possible to buy anyone legally.

What people say about Asian love brides?

Asian brides come from various countries – today, 50 of them are included in the notion of ‘Asia’. Many angry females tell that Asian brides only want to marry someone to improve their ability to travel for the money of husbands. Many Asian passports do not allow local people to go to many countries without a visa or with a visa on arrival. They may allow, like, entrance to 30-50 countries from 200+ of existing ones on the planet (depending on the country of origin). The Westerners don’t have such a problem, as they’re allowed to over 160 countries without a visa or with VoA, so they can’t even think that the rest of the world has such a limitation. However, local Western brides don’t want Asian women to take their men away, emasculating the pool, so they’d rather tell bad things about Asian brides. In most cases, however, these are only gossips, having nothing in common with reality. 

Conclusion about an Asian mail order wife

Asian brides can be a real finding for anyone who’s looking for reasonable diversity. Think of your mutual children: they will be true angels in appearance! Asians are also characterized as smart and genuine people, which will add to your gene pool. So start using one of the top apps or dating websites to find your destiny!